Friday, 7 December 2018

A Day In December

Yesterday was a beautiful day, me and Sam spent most of it at the Botanic garden in Melbourne. We had a picnic, talked and enjoyed the beauty around us. The park had not many visitor so it was a luxury to be there.

Today is the temperature 39°C(!!!) and very windy. Both me and Sam have been tired all day, not had that much energy to do anything yet. We did manage a short yoga class and meditation in our living room earlier. Maybe we'll have some more energy when it cools down – I hope. 

I have a hard time getting into the right Christmas spirit, my body thinks it's summer. I love Christmas, the best holiday of the year if you ask me. I even have a Christmas blog that I start to update in August/September every year. So ... this is a very weird time for me. Oh well ... I guess not the biggest problem in the world, haha. Hopefully I'll be more jolly soon hehe ... *hope*