Tuesday, 16 October 2018

World Vegan Day – Melbourne

Me and Sam went to a vegan event in the city this weekend. It was awesome! So much good food, products and interesting people. The event was free and you could try some samples for free as well. Sam was so happy to see all the cool food products and talking to the smart people selling it all. Yes, we bought a few things, believe it or not but most things were not crazy expensive.

Right now we are putting all our energy into finding a place to live and we might actually have something BUT ... I don't want to say too much until pappers have been signed. We have had a really good time with Sam's family but it will be nice to have our own place and make it to our home.

➺ Can't wait to get back into good routines again when it comes to working out, eating well and writing/drawing/reading. It will be awesome! 




Yes, even the dog food is vegan(!!). 

Swedish summary: 
Sam och jag firade World Vegan Day i stan under helgen. Vi gick till en vegansk mässa där det fanns hur mycket härligt som helst: produkter inom mode och skönhet men också mat, dryck och snacks – till och med hundmat(!!). Det var riktigt intressant. 

Hittills har all energi gått till att finna ett boende och det kan faktiskt vara så att vi har något på gång men jag vill inte säga för mycket förrän alla pappren är påskrivna. Hoppas! Sams familj har varit fantastiska men det ska bli skönt med ett egen hem. Längtar!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Work, Australian accent and a pelican

Australia delivers as one could say. The Melbourne weather is special, sometimes you can have all seasons in one day but most of the time, in my opinion, it's pretty great. I have now been working for a week for the job I have had in Sweden and so far everything seems to go well – my co-workers have been very nice to me and given me a very calm week to be honest. Again, I am grateful that I can work for them for another six months before I have to quit or pause my employment. We'll see what happens.

My English is improving everyday as well. I wasn't bad before, I speak better English than I write, but I am getting more comfortable and less scared of making mistakes. The Australian accent though ... oh boy. I really need to concentrate sometimes. It's almost like I get hypnotized byt the accent that I don't always register what they actually are saying, haha ... so bad. Like I said, I'm improving at least. Baby steps forward.

What about all the poison animals? Haha, no but honestly, I have seen a few spiders but nothing too scary. Yet. Yesterday I saw a pelican (see picture below to the right, it's hard to see but it's there) and I thought it was so cool!

Today it's already Friday (I've been in Australia for a little more than a week), me and Sam are going into the city to do some shopping and maybe have some drinks with friends. Later we'll get back to Sam's brothers house (we're still looking for a place of our own) and I think I might draw or write if I can. Tomorrow we will go and see four different apartments and probably apply for them all – I just HOPE that we will get our own place soon.

Have a great weekend!

Swedish summary: 
För det mesta är vädret i Australien helt fantastiskt och jag mår gott av att veta att sommaren är på väg. Jag har haft min första arbetsvecka och det går bra. Vännerna på jobbet har varit mer än snälla men nästa vecka får jag nog mer att göra. Så tacksam för denna möjlighet och trygghet fortfarande. 

Många djur har jag sett här i Australien, för det mesta spindlar och fåglar men inget som var alltför läskigt. Igår såg jag en pelikan och det var jäkligt coolt!

Språket går bra, ibland förtrollas jag av den australiensiska dialekten och tappar bort mig men jag övar. Det blir bättre och bättre. Idag blir det shopping och drinkar i stan innan vi åker tillbaka till Sams brors hus. Vi letar eget boende för fullt och imorgon ska vi gå på hela fyra visningar. Jag HOPPAS att det snart blir vår tur att hitta ett hem. 

Trevlig helg!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Renting out my apartment


Before leaving Sweden for Australia I needed to rent out my apartment – I'm leasing an apartment and I wanted to rent it out as "second hand". Why? Well, I don't want to loose the apartment and also, I want some security after my one year in Australia.

Step 1:
I started with a post on Facebook and I had some acquaintances who seemed interested but then backed out. After a few recommendations from friends I decided to use a site called Samtrygg. I just put up an ad on their site and then opened my calendar for viewings of the apartment. This was a bit scary for me and I really had to go outside my comfort zone. I didn't expect that so many people would be interested in my apartment considering my rent is not so low. But, to my surprise, I did meet some cool people that could be potential tenants.

Step 2:
After the first viewings I got a call from Samtrygg. We talked about the potential tenants and what I thought about them. In my case, I liked two out of five the most (two didn't even show up) – and at this point I still had three or four booked viewings on other dates. I wanted to have all of this done as soon as possible but in the end, I still decided on having three more viewings. BUT. One of the potential tenants were very interested in the apartment and could not wait. I decided that a quick deal might be a good idea. So I told Samtrygg that I was happy to go with this tenant. Samtrygg quickly took down my ad on their website, cancelled the viewings I had left and started the process.

Well, the potential tenant did not have all the papers ready and therefore asked if I could maybe wait a bit. This was a warning flag for me and I just told Samtrygg to put my ad back up. I had no time to wait for a "maybe". So this sucked a bit. I had a few more viewings and met a lovely young couple that seem to fit perfect. Again, I started the process via Samtrygg. This time it went better!

Step 3: 
When I had decided who was going to be my tenant, we wrote a contract via Samtrygg. After this, I needed an approval from my landlord as well. More papers to fill in and send away – if my landlord, for some reason, would say "no" then the contract with the tenant would not be valid anymore. BUT, the landlord approved. Woop woop!

Did all go well?
Everything went very smoothly. Before leaving the apartment for the new tenant I had to clean out all the clutter and dust, pack my things, write an inventory list, write an/fill in a inspection list with the new tenant and have all the keys ready. It was hard work but I was truly happy in the end.

Finishing words: 
All in all, the whole process with Samtrygg went fast. Because I might not be available during all hours of the day from Australia, my mom will (very kindly) be my contact person in this case. I think it's important to have someone who can represent you when you can't. 

THIS was SO awesome to check off as "Done" on my to do-list. 

Swedish apartment – living room 

Swedish summary: 
Innan jag drog till Australien ville jag hyra ut min lägenhet i andrahand då det kändes som en viktig trygghet. Det är som sagt inte lätt att få lägenhet i Stockholm, iallafall var det inte lätt för mig. Jag provade först intresset på Facebook men det var något svalt, därför gick jag på vänners rekommendationer – Samtrygg. 

Samtrygg är ett företag som hjälper till med allt möjligt när det kommer till att exempelvis hyra ut sin lägenhet. Dessutom har de ett trygghetspaket som gör att alla parter känner sig något säkrade i denna deal. Trots att det var krokigt och jag hade något bråttom då jag hade en hel del andra saker att göra innan min Australien-resa gick allt smidigt. So far so good!

In a place they call "Down Under"

I landed in Australia Wednesday evening last week and took the rest of that week off. What a beautiful welcome I got! Sam met me at the airport and we acted like giggling teenagers. It was around 7 p.m. so we just had a quiet evening at Sam's brother's house (we are renting a room here until we have found our own place). 

We have been very lucky with the weather, the summer is really on its way! For me, this is of course a crazy feeling considering it is autumn in Sweden and winter is coming. Just the idea that I'll celebrate Christmas in summertime is hard to take in. It will be interesting for sure. 

Today is my first workday from Australia and I really am lucky that I have this opportunity to work from here. It will only last for about 6 months but it's more than enough. I will mostly do graphic material/designs and such, which suits me perfectly. 

There is a few things I want to fix this week: 
  • Open up a bank account.
  • Get an Australian ID.
  • Get a Medicare card.

I already have an Australian phone number, thanks to Sam. The best thing about it is that I have Internet connection wherever I am and ... that Sam can call me if I for some reason get lost, hehe.



Psst: If you ask me, I think that the botanic garden in Melbourne might be the best place on earth. I love it!

Swedish summary: 
Snart har jag varit i Australien i en vecka. Resan gick över förväntan och det dröjde inte alls länge innan jag var i Sams armar. Jag tog ledigt de resterande dagarna som var kvar av förra veckan och det var fantastiskt. Sommaren är snart här! Givetvis är känslan märklig då hösten nu är i Sverige. Tänk att jag ska fira jul mitt i sommaren? Obegripligt. 

Idag är första arbetsdagen här och jag känner tacksamhet. Tänk att jag får jobba härifrån och lugnt får komma till ro?! Wow, vilken grej! 

Det är några saker jag önskar hinna med denna vecka så jag hoppas att det ska gå smidigt med det också. Tjing!

Monday, 1 October 2018

En videohälsning innan det bär av ...

Wow, it took me some time to decide if I was going to make this a public video or not. In the end I just felt that it was too complicated to have it private and try to share it with my closest family and friends. So I made it public ... 

The video is in Swedish but you can choose English subtitle (not the best but its there). I have not decided if future videos should be in Swedish or in English, I guess time will tell. 

Swedish summary: 
Det var mycket velande innan jag beslutade för att göra videon offentlig. Jag orkade inte med krånglet att försöka dela med specifika nära och kära, det var lättast att bara göra det tillgängligt för alla så därav mitt beslut. Än vet jag inte om alla videon kommer att vara på svenska (så som den ovan), jag antar att tiden får avgöra det. Det går att lägga till engelsk undertext (dock inte den bästa). Vi ses!

Before going to Australia: Packing a life

Around 09.00 am tomorrow is when my flight to Australia departs. All on my 'to do'-list is now done and I don't think I can prepare myself anymore. Well ... 

Okay, we have one more thing to do ... squeeze in my life in to (very few) bags. The bags I can check in were maximum two and their weight together can be 30 kg. Hand-baggage can weigh about 7 kg. Well, I think I will have luggage that will weigh about 40-41 kg in total – so 3-4 kg overweight. Depending on how strict they are with the bags that I will check in (1-2 kg too much) ... I think I might be okay. 

I have cleared SO much (my sister and mother are happy about that, they got it all). I hope I don't need to leave anything else. My mum and sis will take me to the airport so they will be able to take whatever I might have to "toss out". ❣

Swedish summary: 
Imorgon, omkring 09.00, går flyget mot Australien. Nästan allt på min att-göra-lista är klart förutom den där biten med att packa ner mitt liv i väskor – och inte så många väskor bör tilläggas. Jag tror att min övervikt ligger på 3-4 kg totalt, och om de inte är alltför strikta med väskorna jag checkar in så bör det vara okej. Ifall jag nu inte skulle ha turen med mig så kommer både min syster och mamma vara på plats för att ta med sig hem det jag måste plocka ut. Håller tummarna att det blir som jag önskar!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Before going to Australia: To do list (Update)

It has almost been a month since the last time a made a post here and the answer for it is simple: I'm preparing as much as possible for my trip/move to Australia. Remember the to do list I made? Well, I can check off a few more things now:

Visa (a Work Holiday Visa so I can experience AU)Done
Valid passportDone
Rent out apartment (As a "second lease" so I can have it back after AU if needed)Done
Travel insurance (In case of anything happening)Done
Write proxy (So my mum can make decisions for me in Sweden when I can't)Done
Clean out the apartment (Leave only the things the new tenant might need)Done
Buy ticket to AUDone
End subscriptions (Like Netflix, HBO, etc)-
Write out copies (Of my passport, ticket, visa, etc)Done
Pack travel bag (Will do this closer to my departure)-
Plan with work (So I can keep my job the first 6 months by working abroad)Done
Change address for postbox (So my mail won't bother the new tenant)Done
Finish the course I'm taking (Health influencer)(Ongoing)

So right now I'm living at my mum's house/apartment. It is crowded with my sister and her boyfriend there as well... and let us not forget ALL my stuff. But it is also very cosy, I have to say. Most of my boxes will eventually be stored in my mum's basement – lucky me! 

I can still not understand that I'm soon leaving Sweden (for a longer period of time) in just 2 weeks. I miss Sam so much so I can't wait. I think that it will feel like I'm going on a vacation at first ... maybe after 3 weeks or so it will hit me that I'm suppose to live in Australia for a while. Crazy! 

Swedish summary: 
Tiden flyger iväg och jag har inte bloggat på ett tag. Det finns en väldigt enkel förklaring, allt mitt fokus har lagts ner på att försöka förbereda inför min resa/flytt till Australien. Tack vare detta kan jag nu bocka av fler punkter på min "att göra"-lista. 

Just nu bor jag hos min mamma tillsammans med min syster och hennes kille. Det är lite trångt men mysigt. Jag har tur som har min familj som alltid ställer upp. Jag har inte riktigt fattat att jag ska åka till Australien och bo där under en längre period. Galen känsla. Men jag saknar Sam så otroligt mycket nu så tiden får gärna rulla iväg lite till så att vi snart får vara hos varandra igen. 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Fast Chocolate Cookies (Vegan)

My friend came over today and I wanted to offer her something nice as "fika". I didn't have the energy to do something too advanced so I searched for a simple recipe and found one for chocolate cookies. I changed the recipe a bit because I didn't have all the ingredients at home. It was a success!

So, if you don't have much time but want to treat your guests with something yummy and homemade try this recipe.

2 dl flour
1 dl sugar
4 tbsp cacao
2 ml "clean vanilla powder"
2 tsp baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 big tsp of peanut butter
1 big tsp coconut oil
75 g melted vegan butter

Do this: 
Turn on the oven, 175°C.
1). Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. 
2). Add syrup, vegan butter, peanut butter and coconut oil.
3). Roll small balls and put it on a baking plate with parchment paper.
4). Bake the cookies in the oven for 12 minutes.

When the cookies are done they will be a bit soft so let them cool down. 
After a while, they will get the perfect cookie consistency you want.


Swedish Summary: 
En vän kom på besök och jag ville bjuda på något trevligt till kaffet. Jag orkade inte göra något avancerat så jag valde ett enkelt recept på chokladkakor. Jag gjorde om receptet som jag hade hittat och resultatet blev en succé! Testa!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Face mask – Turmeric and coconut oil

Why this mask? Because it can ... 

  • ... clear up your skin from acne breakouts
  • ... protect skin from sun damage
  • .. have anti-aging benefits

Mix coconut oil and powder turmeric in a small bowl. Apply on your face and wait for at least 15 minutes before washing it off.

Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory benefits, both when it comes to beauty care and as natural medicine. My advice: Make sure to always have it at home!

Swedish summary: 
Gurkmeja blandat med kokosolja blir en mjuk ansiktsmask som kan rengöra ansiktet, skydda mot solskador och ha anti-åldrande effekter. Smeta på ett tunt lager över ansikte och hals, låt verka i minst 15 minuter innan du sedan tvättar ansiktet rent. Voila!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Do you find politics boring? I do.

It's true. I'm one of those people who always say "I hate talking politics because It's just too complicated". BUT, with that said, I know I need to change my attitude. Why? Because politics is effecting my everyday life, the future of this planet and the people I love and care about. Why do I feel the need to write about this now? We have our political election here in Sweden on the 9th of September. So many, including myself, don't know enough about the political system or about different Swedish parties.

What is politics?
It's about power and about making decisions.

What kind of power and what kind of decisions? 
All kinds. Power and decisions when it comes to the economy, the environment, the health care systems, the school system, the people ... and so on.

Do you need a reason to care about politics? Here are some of mine: 

So where do we even begin? 
Choose a topic you're interested in, maybe "Heath care" or "Equal rights". Go into each party's website and read what they think about the topic. Do you agree? Don't you agree? Go on to the next topic you find interesting and then keep going.

Please, do not give up. If you vote without knowing or if you choose not to vote at all, that will still give power to someone – this might be a someone or a party you do not agree with at all. 

If you want to read more about politics in Sweden, please read my articles on Plant-huggers.

Swedish summary: 
Jag tycker att politik, precis som ekonomi, är tråkigt. Den största anledningen är för att jag inte förstår majoriteten och för att många gånger används långa onödiga ord för sådant som kan beskrivas mycket enklare. 

Det är dock viktigt att vi röstar medvetet under valet den 9 September. Varför? För politiken i ett land/samhälle påverkar ALLA människor. Om du inte röstar eller om du väljer att rösta på ett parti du inte vet så mycket om kommer du, med största sannolikhet, ge makt åt fel människor. DET kan påverka ditt liv och din framtid på sätt du endast har mardrömmar om. Så, läs på, åtminstone litegrann.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Heat, ice cream & a walk in the woods

This year, the summer in Sweden has been incredible, it feels like you're in Greece or Spain. It already started to get warm in April but it really hit us in May and many swedes were scared that this would result in a not so sunny summer. Well, the sun kept shining on Sweden and it has been a crazy hot summer – and it's not over yet.

For many swedes (and stores/companies) I believe this heat has been a chock. It might have been fun in the beginning ("Spain in Sweden, awesome!") but most swedes are now tired of it. I've heard many people here longing for autumn. What do I think? I love summer but it has been sweaty not having any air-condition or fan in the apartment. Right now, it has not felt necessary to buy any of these because the idea is for me to soon leave Sweden. But we'll see ...

Today, me and Sam walked, via the woods, to a beach called Nyboviksbadet. It was a beautiful little area where people had picnics and played in the water. It was nice to cool off a bit and enjoy the nature. When we got home we had some vegan ice cream – it was heaven. Now we are planning to have vegan pizza for dinner – yes, I'm still blaming it all on me still being on vacation *haha*. 

Swedish summary: 
Sommarhettan i Sverige fortsätter. I april när det började bli varmt välkomnades denna värme med öppna armar och i Maj när hettan slog till ordentligt var de flesta av oss rädda att den inte skulle hålla hela sommaren ut. Man kanske ska vara försiktig med vad man önskar sig? För de flesta har nog denna värme varit en chock och de flesta svenskar verkar vara redo för den svala hösten. Jag njuter vidare men däremot hade det inte varit helt fel med en fläkt hemma. Nu tycker jag däremot att det känns onödigt att lägga pengar på saker till lägenheten då jag ändå ska åka till Australien för ett år i oktober. Nog kan jag hålla ut en liten stund till ... 

Idag var jag och Sam i Nyboviksbadet och svalkade oss. En skön belöning efter vår skogspromenad. När vi kom hem åt vi vegansk glass och snart ska det bli vegansk pizza till middag. Ja, jag skyller fortfarande detta gottande på semestertider. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Blogs I want to follow

Call me superficial but if a blog doesn't have a nice design I move on pretty quickly. And the design doesn't have to be great or complicated, but it has to be personal or make me interested. Many people choose not to have a profile picture and that, in my opinion, is a huge mistake. I don't want to read stories from just anybody, I want to know who the storyteller is. Here are a few things I think is important when you want to catch a reader like me:

  • Care about the blog design
  • Use images when posting
  • Have a profile image and write something short about yourself
  • Have categories that are easy to use

I do think that the four above is a good start. Of course I can keep going ... if you want a reader like me to stay a reader then maybe you should also think about this:

  • Update at least once a week
  • Stick to shorter posts instead of long ones
  • Do not only write about one topic (if you don't happen to be a beauty blogger, then I understand that you have your niche)
  • Don't do too many sponsored posts or have too many ads

But ... let us be honest with each other, you don't need to do anything of the above. Not really. 

If you started the blog for yourself then who cares if people follow you or not. But then again, many of us start a blog (or an open diary, whatever you want to call it) because we want to touch/effect people somehow. If you want to inspire, effect or reach people then you need some glue – and the glue can be one of the things on my list above, maybe all of them depending on how strong you want your glue to be.

What makes you want to follow a blog?

Swedish summary:
Egentligen spelar det ingen roll om du har följare eller inte om du ändå skriver för din egen skull. Däremot bloggar vi oftast för att inspirera, påverka eller nå ut till andra och då kan det vara bra att ha ett så kallat "lim". Detta lim kan vara någon av de förslag som finns i min engelska lista ovanför. Du bestämmer själv vad som är syftet med din blogg, men om du vill få någon som mig att läsa din blogg skulle jag rekommendera att kika på listan ovanför.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Breakfast for dinner

Me, Sam, my brother Philip and my sister Kathleen were at the beach today, at a place called Strandbadet/Tyresö Strand. It was not the best beach that Sweden has to offer but it did the job – kept us cool. Even though the grass was dry and there were several little fish lying dead on the shore (I'm not making this up), it was lovely swimming in the warm water and having picnic with people I love. But ... universe? I think Sweden needs a little rain, so if you're not too busy. Please rain on Sweden. 


When we got home, both me and Sam decided to have breakfast for dinner – yes, we had pancakes and coffee, haha. I'm still on vacation so I'm allowed. And before you ask, yes, it was all plant-based. SO GOOD. Did I mention that we also had vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream? No? Well, we did ... haha.


Swedish summary: 
Idag var jag, Sam, min bror Philip och min syster Kathleen i Tyresö Strand (Strandbadet). Det är inte den bästa badplats som jag har besökt i Sverige (döda småfiskar vid strandkanten och bortbränt gräs) men det sköna vattnet var magiskt så vi stod ut. Det blev en riktigt mysig dag. Jag och Sam kände oss extra busiga på vägen hem så det blev pannkakor och kaffe till middag. Ibland får man kalasa helt oväntat. OBS: Vi åt till och med vaniljglass istället för grädde. SYNDIGT gott – givetvis var allt veganskt.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What visa to choose?

This can be difficult to figure out and it's easy to make it more complicated than it is. I have always been thinking about moving to another country and see how it feels to be away from Sweden for a longer period. The reason why the choice landed on Australia is because my boyfriend is born and raised there. But my main reasons are to experience another country, to travel and to try a life away from Sweden. I don't know what the future holds for me so therefore I want to stay at the company I'm working for, here in Sweden – work digitally/online while abroad. The problem is that this company is not established in Australia so I have to follow the Australian law. I am allowed to work for this Swedish company for 6 months with the Work Holiday Visa 417, then I need to change employer. We'll see if I need to work after 6 months or if I have saved up enough money to maybe travel. Like I wrote earlier, I'm not planning for the whole year, just for the first 6 months. 

At first I didn't know which visa would suit my situation the best. I called the Home Affairs in Australia and I also emailed around, trying to understand where to pay taxes if I want to stick with my Swedish company and so on. Because my boyfriend is Australian, you could ask why we are not trying for a partner visa straight away. Well, for me it's simple. I want to see how it is to live in Australia first. I have never stayed in another country for more than 4 weeks and I have never worked in another country. Maybe I'll hate being away from Sweden. I don't know. That's why it's important for me to start slow, to try it out first. I want to do everything according to the law (both in Australia and in Sweden) but also do it in a way that feels right for myself.

When it comes to taxes, after reading about it from Australia's point of view and Sweden's point of view, I have understood that during the first 6 months I'll pay taxes in Sweden. After 6 months I have to pay taxes in Australia.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Steps on how to find your visa: 

  1. Ask yourself why you want to travel to Australia
  2. Go to https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1 and read about the different options
  3. Apply for the one best suited for you, pay and wait

It went pretty quick for me to get my visa granted. I did all of this myself without any help from an agency. My visa cost me about 3000kr so I didn't feel like adding anymore costs on my visa than needed.

Be honest to yourself and when answering the questions on your application, then I'm sure you'll get the visa best suited for your purpose.

Good luck!

Swedish summary: 
Att hitta rätt visum kan vara svårt och många gånger krånglar man nog till det mer än det behövs. Mina huvudsyften när jag ansökte om mitt visum var att uppleva Australien, att resa runt om det går samt att testa på ett liv på en plats som inte är Sverige. Eftersom att jag inte vet vad framtiden har att erbjuda mig har jag valt att arbeta kvar på mitt nuvarande arbete så länge jag kan. Enligt australiensisk lag är jag däremot endast tillåten att arbeta för en arbetsgivare i 6 månader, sedan måste jag byta arbete – detta oavsett om företaget är australiensiskt eller inte. Så det är planen. Jag har valt visumet som heter "Work Holiday Visa" som låter mig både arbeta och resa i (och utanför) Australien i 12 månader.

Nästa fråga blev "vart ska jag skatta?". Det jag har kommit fram till efter en hel del mejlande och sökande på nätet är att det första 6 månaderna ska jag skatta i Sverige, sedan måste jag skatta i Australien.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Back to my routines

When my vacation started we went basically straight to the airport and then to Cyprus. My morning routines were quickly forgotten. Today was the first day after Cyprus that I started my day with both yoga and meditation. Nothing too advanced but enough to get a little sweaty, it feels good.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, I had to do a back surgery in April because of a slipped disk. I was in pain for one year and tried to live with it. In the beginning, I was working out and I was hoping that it would help me but it didn't. It didn't take long until I suffered from sciatica as well, with other words, a pain in my right leg that prevented me from sleeping well, walking normally and so on. After my MRI the doctors said that a surgery was my best option. They just removed the parts of the disk that was pinching my nerve. The back pain remained after the surgery but diminished significantly and the pain in my leg was all gone.

To get rid of the back pain I need to keep working out and strengthen my back. Sometimes I'm lazy and sometimes I'm not. I always feel better after starting the morning the way I did today. So, a reminder to myself and whoever needs it:

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. Never give up, you can do it! 

Swedish summary: 
I april genomförde jag en ryggoperation då jag hade haft ont i ryggen i ett år samt haft ischia i högra benet. Efter en magnetrötgen visade det sig att jag hade ett kraftigt diskbråck och blev rekommenderad en operation. Under min vecka i Cypern blev det inte mycket träning (endast 30 minuter på cykeln på hotells gym samt promenader då och då). Det var därför skönt att starta denna morgon med både yoga och medition, det är då jag mår som bäst resten av dagen. 

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Before going to Australia: To do list

I'm still having two weeks left of my vacation before I need to get back to work but that doesn't mean that I'm free from other responsibilities. It's a few things that I need to prepare before I leave Sweden for one year in Australia.

What? Status?
Visa (a Work Holiday Visa so I can experience AU) Done
Valid passport Done
Rent out apartment (As a "second lease" so I can have it back after AU if needed) -
Travel insurance (In case of anything happening) -
Write proxy (So my mum can make decisions for me in Sweden when I can't) -
Clean out the apartment (Leave only the things the new tenant might need) -
Buy ticket to AU Done
End subscriptions (Like Netflix, HBO, etc) -
Write out copies (Of my passport, ticket, visa, etc) Done
Pack travel bag (Will do this closer to my departure) -
Plan with work (So I can keep my job the first 6 months by working abroad) (Ongoing)
Change address for postbox (So my mail won't bother the new tenant) -
Finish the course I'm taking (Health influencer) (Ongoing)

Starting on Tuesday, I will have viewings on my apartment by potential tenants. This makes me both nervous and excited. I just want this to be done so I don't have to worry about the apartment anymore. I hope that I'll meet one or two that I really feel comfortable with as tenants.

Melbourne (Australia) 2018

There will be things I need to do once I get to Australia as well.
I have tried to write them down as well.

What? Status
Apply for a TFN (Tax number, so I can pay taxes in AU when working for an AU company -
Apply for an AU bank account (So I don't use my Swedish cards with high fees / Got tip on applying 1-2 months ahead here) -
Make a ID card (One that works smoothly in AU) -
Get a Medicare card (In case I get sick) -
Mobile and phone number? (Not sure yet) -

I might have missed something, but hopefully the most important stuffs are on this list.
Wish me luck!

Swedish summary:
Det är en hel del att göra innan det är dags för mig att ta väskan till Australien. Mycket är väldigt tråkigt och kostar pengar. Ovanför kan ni se en lista på engelska med saker som måste ordnas – några saker har jag redan bockat av. Det är läskigt, spännande och nervöst på samma gång. Jag vill bara få dessa bitar överstökade. Kan ha missat något på listan men tror detta är det viktigaste för nu.

Ayia Napa – Knocked me down

... and not in a good way I might add.

Over all, it was not a bad trip but it could have had a bit less drama than it did. We started our journey on a Saturday, the 21st of July to be exact – me, Sam, my sister, my sisters boyfriend and my mother. We didn't sleep the night from Friday to Saturday because we had to be at the airport so early. The car ride to the airport was interesting, four of us were squeezed in the back and prayed not to be stopped by the police (okay I prayed while the rest of my family were laughing and being cool).

Most of us got a little sleep on the plane and then we had to survive one hour on a transfer bus to Christofinia Hotel. The hotel looked amazing and the location was fantastic, about five minutes to the beach and less than an hour to the city if you walk (faster, obviously, with taxi). The receptionist was not very polite or happy, she basically just wanted to check us in and then go on with whatever she was doing. The rooms were nice and the view was not too bad considering we did not have a sea view.

View from our hotel room

We spent most of our days at the beach and around the pool area, the drama I was mentioning in the beginning always happened in the evening, of course. I'm not going to write down everything crazy that happened, but I can tell you about my own drama. It all started at the place my sister called "Barrundan" which is basically the streets of bars in the city of Ayia Napa. I don't usually party as much as I did when I was younger but sometimes I get convinced that it is a good idea with a party evening and ... well, when shots are involved my judgement is no longer useful. It all started in a happy and fun vibe. We were drinking, dancing, laughing, joking, talking and looking at interesting party-people. We jumped from one bar to another and kept doing what we were doing. Of course we didn't notice that we started talking nonsense and couldn't walk straight. I think it was at the third/last bar where we had the "one too many drink". My sister and her boyfriend had not had any alcoholic drinks at all so they had to babysit us who had been drinking (not very proud of this moment considering I'm the big sister – obs, everyone are 20 years or older here).

We took a cab back to the hotel, but of course me and Sam didn't feel that we wanted to sleep so we went to the beach. This is when things were getting blurry for me. I had somehow lost my bag at the beach, hit my toe so bad that it was bleeding and the day after I also noticed a huge bruise on my thigh.  Of course ... I cried. Drama girl.

The day after we went to the reception at our hotel and asked about my bag, and there it was. The first thing the receptionist says is "We haven't touched your bag". But she knew our room number so she must have opened the bag and seen the room key. Of course my 150 euros were gone. Did the grumpy receptionist take it? Did someone else take it? Who knows ... I was hangover and embarrassed. And my drama was not the only craziness of this trip but I'll keep the rest for myself. It was a memorable trip to say the least.

Me and my soulmate being tipsy in Ayia Napa

During our visit in Ayia Napa we had a lot of good and bad food. I can really recommend a Lebanese restaurant called Zaatar that served really tasty dishes. The staff was very polite and down to earth. I thought it was hard to eat plant-based food during this trip/vacation, espacially when you're in company with people who wants to eat meat (my mom, sister and her boyfriend). This means we could not go to "all vegan restaurants" and the restaurants we did go to only had vegetarian options, not all vegan. So, yes ... I ate some dairy products but at least I stayed away from the meat. 

The beaches were great, the water is crystal clear and the beaches soft and white. The drinks were cold and my company was entertaining. I can't say that I would like to visit Ayia Napa again, I think I got more than enough from this destination during this trip. Ayia Napa is more suited for the party people, and I don't think I'm one of them anymore.

Thanks Cyprus!
PS: I'm not posting any pictures of my sister, my mother and my sister's boyfriend because I want to respect their privacy. 
I do have some images on my Instagram page, that's the limitation I want to keep. 

Swedish summary: 
Ayia Napa med familjen var spännande, dramatisk, rolig, irriterande och härlig – allt på samma gång. Jag förlorade 1500 kr efter den såkallade "barrundan" vilket sved. Utöver resans dramatiska kvällar var det väldigt mysigt på många sätt också. Stränderna var fantiska, vi åt god mat (och dålig) och sällskapet var underhållande. Vill jag åka till Cypern igen? Inget som ligger högt på min lista, finns andra platser i världen som jag hellre besöker. Tack Napa!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

I'm going on an adventure!

It's been a while since I posted anything on this blog, what happened? Well, nothing dramatic happened really, I just got caught up with life. You should have noticed by now that I'm writing this in English, why is that? Well, I want to practice my English in writing but also, I want to prepare myself for the next adventure in my life – moving to Australia for a year.

My boyfriend is born and raised in Australia and his visa here in Sweden has run out. It's therefore now my turn to see his country and then ... well, we will see. I've been to Australia twice in my life and loved it, but I don't know how I will feel about actually living there. This will definitely be both scary (being so far away from everyone in Sweden) and exciting. I hope to also do some traveling and explore Australia as much as possible.

So why start writing now?
Well, I need somewhere to document my journey and it felt stupid to start a new blog this time considering I have so many nice memories here already. As you might have already figured out, there will be a lot for me to prepare before I leave Sweden (on the 2nd of October). I'll try to document my process as much as possible.

I'll apologize ahead for any misspelling and bad grammar, I'm still learning.

OBS: If you need to read a summary in Swedish I will always add one in the end of every post. Why? Well, I should not forget how to write in Swedish either hehe ... but also for anyone who are not comfortable with English for some reason. 

Swedish summary:
Det var ett tag sedan som jag skrev på denna blogg. Inget galet har hänt mer än livet, det är mycket som har tagit tid och bloggen har fått lida. Jag flyttar till Australien för ett år i oktober och kommer dokumentera mina förberedelser inför det. Jag har valt att skriva på engelska då jag vill bli bättre på det. Tidigare har jag besökt Australien två gånger men det kommer bli en helt annan upplevelse att faktiskt bo där under en längre tid – både spännande och roligt.