Monday, 28 January 2019

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

January is not over yet!

January is coming towards an end, but not just yet ... my birthday is still around the corner (on the 24th of January) so there's still some juice to squeeze out from this wonderful month. I've been mostly working from home, and taken the days as they come. Me and Sam have been on a few bike rides, watched a lot of tennis (mostly Sam) and well ... yeah, a lot of other stuff as well (drawing, reading, cooking, hiking etc).

I have, since I came to Australia, started a new hobby ... crocheting. Weird, right? Or maybe not. I think it's very therapeutic and it's fun to see what you can create.

And from one thing to another ... I've been trying to keep in touch with everyone in Sweden but it is much harder than I thought. We all have a lot of things going on in our own lives. It obviously complicate things when I am 10 hours ahead as well ... But, I try to keep everyone updated by uploading vlogs, blogging, sending my family/friends different snapchat videos and photos. I also try to text and sometimes call them. I have even sent a few physical postcards. It's not easy but I hope they know I love them and think about them ALL the time. ALL the time.

Oh ... and last week we had pancakes for dinner one evening. It was DELICIOUS! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


15th of January 2019, are you sure? Wow, time flies and I don't know how to slow it down. I'm starting to feel a bit stressed (even if I know I shouldn't). Time is really ticking fast and even if my visa will be fine until October there is so much happening and so much that needs to be planned/taken care of before that.

  • I'll have to quit my job in Sweden when 6 month (183 days) has passed and that is soon. 
  • I need to find a new job, here ... in Australia(!!).
  • I need to double check a few things with my medicare card (It has not arrived even though we were at central link and everything). 
  • I need to fix an Australian ID (so much work for one Id ... ugh). 
  • Look into and prepare documents to apply for a new visa that (hopefully) will allow me to stay longer here in Melbourne/Australia.
  • Have friends from Sweden coming over in April.
  • Take care of things like my apartment (rental) in Sweden + my furnitures.

 ... and much more, I'm sure.

As you might understand after reading above ... we will try to stay in Australia and hopefully everything will go well when we apply for my visa – there's a lot of information that we need to provide to show that we truly are a couple. This whole process feel a bit scary because, what if there's any document or information we do not have? Ugh ... I'll try to keep my mind hopeful. ❤

FYI: Here is a youtube clip (in Swedish) of my monday, just wanted to show me on a very ordinary day – life is not always filled with cool things to do just because your on the other side of the planet hehe ... 

Friday, 4 January 2019

New year but no new me

New Year's Eve 2018

The Australian heat oozes outside and my cellphone lets me know it's 42°C in the sun. Even if the winds are going strong it doesn't really feel like nice cold kisses when touching the skin. Most people are hiding in shadows where the temperature is a bit lower and others visit a mall where the air condition is running strong. Some people, I'm sure, are doing exactly what I'm doing which is hiding at home with my own AC.

It's a new year and here in Australia we are even 10 hours ahead of Sweden. I'm enjoying myself with a glass of cold Chardonnay ... well, it is Friday and that's always worth celebrating. It tickles nicely under the skin.

A new year does not mean a new me, that is something I have learned during my (soon to be) 29 years on this planet. A new year for me means that I (hopefully) get a new chance to work on myself and what I care about. I am not aiming for perfection or to be the best. I just want to be my best for me, whatever that is. I aim to not hurt myself or anyone around me. I aim to be kind and to learn from my wrongs. I welcome mistakes and I accept that I might not always choose what's right. That's okay ... because: I am human and I am a world citizen.

With that said ... I do have some goals this year. I tried to give myself goals last year as well but I did not reach them all during 2018. So here are this year's hopes and goals:

→ Write more.
→ Draw more.
→ Read more.
→ Exercise more.
→ Dare I say ... cook more?
→ Love more.
→ Stress less.
→ Breath more.
→ Do not be scared to grow.

I want to enjoy this year even though we have a lot to plan, to do and to think about. It will always be something, right? So why stress about it, why not just enjoy the ride? Well ... I'll try!

Happy New Year!

First picture of the year with just me and Sam 2019

First dinner of the year  – Quesedilla 2019