Sunday, 29 July 2018

Before going to Australia: To do list

I'm still having two weeks left of my vacation before I need to get back to work but that doesn't mean that I'm free from other responsibilities. It's a few things that I need to prepare before I leave Sweden for one year in Australia.

What? Status?
Visa (a Work Holiday Visa so I can experience AU) Done
Valid passport Done
Rent out apartment (As a "second lease" so I can have it back after AU if needed) -
Travel insurance (In case of anything happening) -
Write proxy (So my mum can make decisions for me in Sweden when I can't) -
Clean out the apartment (Leave only the things the new tenant might need) -
Buy ticket to AU Done
End subscriptions (Like Netflix, HBO, etc) -
Write out copies (Of my passport, ticket, visa, etc) Done
Pack travel bag (Will do this closer to my departure) -
Plan with work (So I can keep my job the first 6 months by working abroad) (Ongoing)
Change address for postbox (So my mail won't bother the new tenant) -
Finish the course I'm taking (Health influencer) (Ongoing)

Starting on Tuesday, I will have viewings on my apartment by potential tenants. This makes me both nervous and excited. I just want this to be done so I don't have to worry about the apartment anymore. I hope that I'll meet one or two that I really feel comfortable with as tenants.

Melbourne (Australia) 2018

There will be things I need to do once I get to Australia as well.
I have tried to write them down as well.

What? Status
Apply for a TFN (Tax number, so I can pay taxes in AU when working for an AU company -
Apply for an AU bank account (So I don't use my Swedish cards with high fees / Got tip on applying 1-2 months ahead here) -
Make a ID card (One that works smoothly in AU) -
Get a Medicare card (In case I get sick) -
Mobile and phone number? (Not sure yet) -

I might have missed something, but hopefully the most important stuffs are on this list.
Wish me luck!

Swedish summary:
Det är en hel del att göra innan det är dags för mig att ta väskan till Australien. Mycket är väldigt tråkigt och kostar pengar. Ovanför kan ni se en lista på engelska med saker som måste ordnas – några saker har jag redan bockat av. Det är läskigt, spännande och nervöst på samma gång. Jag vill bara få dessa bitar överstökade. Kan ha missat något på listan men tror detta är det viktigaste för nu.

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